2019 luminous fiber optic fabric led slim fit dinner wedding prom formal suit kid boy blazer children suit child clothes

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Led Kids Jacket Show

Luminous Led Fiber Optics kids children's blazer child luminous glow light up led jacket

The latest luminous and fashion kids Vest can light up 7 kinds of different colors and with 4 flashing mode when in the dark, it is breathable, comfortable and classic designed .

Luminous Fabric Tech

Patented Luminous Fiber Optic Textile Technology.

Luminous light up flashing glow RGB LED fiber optic fabric:

The Luminous Fiber Optic Fabric is a new fabric which combination the optic fiber and intelligent electronic technology.
Our products - luminous fiber optics textiles are high-tech intelligent products, made by fiber optics fabric that based on an innovative and original patented technology which covered textiles, optics and electronics.

This makes the luminous Fabric ideal for many applications, such as light up clothing (night fashion, stage costumes,wedding even wear...), home decoration, interior architecture, stage decoration (fiber optics curtains,...), cars decoration, furniture, special events and promotional items,

Item Specification

1.This is beautiful, unique, marvelous and attracting the attention of fiber optic lighting Jacket glowing in the dark. Super hot sale, comfortably worn and does not lose its shape. Ideal for your unique. All eyes on you when you wear our glow Jacket ! Perfect for all nigh events. 2.the best glitter Jacket have the delicate chipping, smooth line,Natural high quality fabrics,natural colors ,soft touch,moisture absorption, high comfort! 3. The Glow in the Dark Suit Jacket are made with the high quality fiber optic fabric , party Jacket,rave Jacket,flashing Jacket,DJ Jacket is great for clubs, weddings, dances, parties(costume party favors, masquerades, rave party, carnivals, ultra music festival, DJ party,etc),gifts and glow in the dark party show. 4 . The led light up suits with 7 color changeable is easy to use - The battery pack is can custom in anywhere on your pockets. Light up, classy, and fashionable . 5.led glowing Baseball Uniforms. Led light up flashing Jacket suit ,glitter Suit Jacket, Christmas Jacket is original gift on Christmas,weddings anniversary, birthday or some other special events. Funny surprise for boyfriend, husband, father or son with wishes to be apparent both in the dark and the shining party.
Product Name
Luminous Fiber Optics Kids Jacket
Model No.
Kids blazer child jacket
Main Material
Fiber Optic Fabric
Other Material
Satins Fabric
Light Color
Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Light Blue, Gold, White
Light Mode
Monochrome, Flash, Gradual, Smooth, Polychromatic
Light Control
Remote / APP /Click Control
Charging Time
2-3 hours
Duration Time
6-12 hours
Fabric Color
White, Pink, Gray; Men: White, Blue, Gray
1 x USB Cable, 1 x Manual,1* Remote
Inner Box & Carton
Detail Show & Notes

Smart Function.

This item is very smart ,The led color change by remote and APP control .And charge by USB cable, the charging time is around 2 hours.  

Led luminous light up fiber optic fabric will be emit 7 color and glowing in the  dark.

How to wash?


Put the item into water and keep the switch (button controller) away from the water.

Spray detergent on the item and put in the water for 5 minutes.

Use brush to wash the dirty area then rinse it by water.


1. Please keep the fiber optic gabric item away from water when it is lighting up.
2. DO NOT use strong alkaline or strong acidity detergent.

Packing Details: inner box and carton box packing

Our Certificates

All our products are produced base on our patent and CE, RoHS, FCC certified.

FLT Lumisonata

Company Show

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Fabric Sewing

Trade Show

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Q: What are your main products?

A: Please see below pictures and informations.

Luminous Shoes

Luminous Clothes (dress, sexy lingerie, ladies top, hoodie etc.)

Luminous Wedding Dress

Luminous Home Textiles (tablecloth, chair cover, pillowcase etc.)

Luminous Accessories (handbag, tie, bow-tie, mask, scarf etc.)

Luminous Fabric

Q: How does the product shine?

A: The luminous products are made of fiber optic fabric and led light, when powered by battery, they will emit lights.

Q: Is there any risk of electric shock when wearing the luminous products, do they heat up?

A: There is absolutely no risk of electric shock, as all of our items are powered by low voltage batteries (3.7V or 4.5V), they do not heat up when working.

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2019 luminous fiber optic fabric led slim fit dinner wedding prom formal suit kid boy blazer children suit child clothes
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